A Procedural Point

Hardly anyone is discussing why police are not held accountable for failing to follow procedure in shooting deaths.


Acting out of Fear

The saying goes “it takes more effort to get the ball rolling than to keep it going.” That’s true. Left unsaid, though, is that it takes even more energy to stop the damned thing before it destroys you. Ask Indiana Jones if you don’t believe me.

A Firsthand Look at Homelessness in Fort Lauderdale

Let me get two things out of the way before I apply the paddles to resuscitate my neglected personal blog. First, I haven’t had much to say of a personal nature, as my recovery has, until this week, essentially put my life on hold. I didn’t see much interest in ongoing updates detailing my bed rest or progress in online snooker, although I am proud of the two century breaks I recently accomplished (wuhoo!). Second, now I do find myself back in the pool, unexpectedly and unceremoniously pushed into the deep end, I think it should be known I am not one who feels the world owes me a free ride.