How Life Works, Episode #19,328

So, I’m at the Publix Courthouse atrium on Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale enjoying my breakfast, this morning being like any other. In the interests of boosting my word count, I’ll tell you I had some pocket-sized cold chicken empanadas from the deli cooler, a perfectly ripened banana, and a single serving of Chobani’s peach yogurt, the last being brand specific because.

After eating, and this is the interesting part, I reached into my pack for the bottle of Aleve I keep there. Four pills act as a sufficient anti-inflammatory dosage to manage the swelling in my right leg, a lingering effect from being struck by a hit-and-run driver last year. The medicine can be harsh on the stomach, which is why I take it after eating.

Holding the bottle over my cupped left hand, then, I tapped gently. One pill of the four needed spilled into my palm. I tapped again. Out came a second. I tapped once more. Predictably, a third joined the first two. Now conditioned to expect a single pill with each tap, and needing just the one further, I tapped a final time. Of course, four pills spilled from the jar to give me seven in hand, because that is how life works.

That’s all I really wanted to say, so have a nice day. Oh, and if you want to know how many days you’ve spent on the planet, assuming you’re not an astronaut, this handy app can help you, as it did me in fashioning this post’s title. Cheers.


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