John and Yoko in One Body

I’m disturbed. Those of you who know me are thinking that remark is showing up late to the party but I’m talking about a new disturbance, one that actually may offer some hope for the battered, well-traveled 1986 Honda Civic that is my life. This is the first post in my new personal blog and something odd happened during its creation.

Before I get into that I’ll get the obvious questions out of the way.

What was wrong with the old personal blog? Aside from my not posting to it and no one reading it, which is a whole chicken and egg debate we don’t have time for now, it was filled with short stories that may hold some tangible monetary value. If I wish to market them they need to be out of the public eye. Plus the old blog title was named for my sister and, while I love her to death, it isn’t identifiable with me.

Which leads to the next question. What’s with the title? I could have just used my name because I do like things simple. On the other hand I don’t necessarily like them easy. Recently I posted a thread on a wonderful, nearly spam-free Facebook group to which I belong — Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors — soliciting feedback on whether to use a pen name. It wasn’t something I really wanted to do but I thought it necessary to consider the idea. Resistance came in the form of a strong sense of self. While I’m no shining example of human achievement, I am proud to be Martin Palazzotto. Putting another name on my work just doesn’t jibe with me. The lone motivation I had for considering an alias was that Palazzotto is difficult for strangers to spell (and therefore google). When you decide you’re going to write books for a living it’s helpful if prospective customers can type your name. Pride won out in the end, though, and I decided to go with the real me. Maybe my surname’s on the difficult side but so am I. Calling the blog It’s Two Zeds and Two Tees is my way of offering a compromise. As a bonus, it has the added benefit of warning people that I was raised in Canada.

So, decision made, I went onto WordPress, privatized the old blog to lock away my existing catalogue of short stories, deleted some abandoned blogs I had pretty much forgotten, and, in line with my Canadian upbringing, politely asked to register a new blog. That’s where things got a bit hinky.

When I filled in the blank field for the new url I typed in my name. Might as well get it out there for people to practice, right? Surprisingly it wasn’t available. At first I thought maybe I had used it previously, then let it go, but after rummaging through my memory for several minutes I was sure I hadn’t. A further search on WordPress revealed that the name has been reserved by some anonymous party. Now, if you are not me, why would you reserve  The only reason that comes to mind is some opportunist out there thinks I’m going to make it big someday and wants to get in on the ground floor.  I know, I’m laughing too.  But what other reason is there? At least I can press on in the knowledge that someone out there believes in me.

Long story short — yes, yes, too late — I went with just the surname, selected a theme, wrote a very short ‘about’ blurb and here we are.  Now there’s just the small matter of separating any cogent insight from the typical caterwauling random-stream-of-consciousness playing in my mind and blog it on a weekly basis. It’ll be just like starting over.


In the spirit of Pat Benatar, hit me with your best shot.

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